FLowers and Gardening Supplies

The Greenhouse is Full!

We have a large variety of annuals, veggie plants, trees, bushes and perennials. Be sure to come by and walk through the greenhouse and check out our selection of soils and mulch.

Buy 12 of any 4 inch annual and get 2 more for FREE!

$22.95 hanging basket are now 2 for $40.00

$29.95 hanging baskets are now 2 for $50.00

Flats  of either vegetable plants or annuals are $19.95  

White pine, blue spruce, Japaneses larch $58.00

Peony, rhododendron, lilacs, and berry bush are still available. 

                                                                                                          Father Day Gift Ideas!

  •  Any dad would love to receive a gift that he can enjoy for years to come. Trees make the perfect father's day gift.
  • We also have the perfect gift for the nature lover as well. We carry feathered friend bird seed as well as unique bird houses and feeders. 

Our large selection of perennials

Our large selection of perennials

this weeks Specials

Locally Grown CBD Oil

  • Grown on Weiss Farm located in Eden N.Y. CBD oil also known as hemp oil, is known to help reduce inflammation that causes joint and body pain. 
  • Also can be used to help people who suffer from anxiety.
  • 1000 mg doses 

Bippert's Beef Package

Bippert's Farms Raised Meat


Our Home Raised, Local Angus Beef

Grass Fed, Grain Finished, No Hormones Added

*Pick ANY cuts of meat, valued up to $115.00

(totaled at register)

you pay $100.00 (Save $15.00)

For ANY questions contact us at 716-668-4328

Available Cuts:

 *Sirloin Tip           *Strip Steaks

*Sirloin Steaks    *Delmonico Steaks

 *Chuck Roasts     *Short Ribs

*Chuck Roast        *Pot Roast

*Round Roast        *Stew Meat

 *T-Bone Steak      *Soup Bones

  *Rib Steak .         *Ground Beef Patties

 *Porterhouse       *Ground Beef  


~Live Local... Buy Local~

Also cuts of lamb and Pork available!