Easter Plants

Easter plants

Large variety of Easter plants available.  

  • Easter Lily
  • Gardenia
  • Hydrangea
  • Daisy Plant
  • Azalea
  • Mums
  • hyacinth



Easter Treats

Remember to place your Easter orders soon!

  • Placeks With and Without raisins 
  • Hot cross buns
  • Babka
  • Cross bread 
  • rye bread
  • Vanilla Cut out cookies
  • mixed cookies by the pound
  • Coconut cakes 
  • cream pies 

Camellia Meats

Hams and Smoked and fresh polish sausage

Henry's Chocolate  (Alden, NY)

Local made Easter Chocolate and candy! 

Season of Lent March 6th - April 18th 


Rummed glazed babka

Rummed glazed babka

this weeks Specials

Locally Grown CBD Oil

  • Grown on Weiss Farm located in Eden N.Y. CBD oil also known as hemp oil, is known to help reduce inflammation that causes joint and body pain. 
  • Also can be used to help people who suffer from anxiety.
  • 1000 mg doses 

Bippert's Beef Package

Bippert's Farms Raised Meat


Our Home Raised, Local Angus Beef

Grass Fed, Grain Finished, No Hormones Added

*Pick ANY cuts of meat, valued up to $115.00

(totaled at register)

you pay $100.00 (Save $15.00)

For ANY questions contact us at 716-668-4328

Available Cuts:

 *Sirloin Tip           *Strip Steaks

*Sirloin Steaks    *Delmonico Steaks

 *Chuck Roasts     *Short Ribs

*Chuck Roast        *Pot Roast

*Round Roast        *Stew Meat

 *T-Bone Steak      *Soup Bones

  *Rib Steak .         *Ground Beef Patties

 *Porterhouse       *Ground Beef  


~Live Local... Buy Local~

Also cuts of lamb and Pork available!